Different Types of Shoes and Where To Use Them

There are different types of athletic shoes. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Therefore, you have an overwhelming number of choices when buying athletic shoes. Uk Steroids

Some online running shoes stores only stock favorite brands while others stock different brands to satisfy customer preferences. However, the different types of shoes go beyond the brand, color, shoe type, and sizes. An athlete may be a pronator meaning you run or walk on a flat foot or low arch and need shoes to balance and counteract your balance. You may have supination meaning your feet are high arch. Therefore, you need athletic shoes with a lower arch.

The arch is vital when shopping for athletic shoes because excessive supination on the ankle and foot causes negative stride problems which affect your performance.

What are the different types of athletic shoes?

Back when you were still a kid, you would use sneakers to do everything, right? Not anymore, times have changed and there are different shots for tennis, basketball, running, etc. There are shoes for every sport made for that particular activity and exercise. The shoes protect your feet from injuries and boost your performance.

Walking shoes

They are great shoes if you regularly go for walking exercises. The shoes have extra cushioning for shock absorption around the heels and balls of the feet to reduce tenderness and pain.

They have a slightly rounded sole which is helpful in smoothly shifting your weight away from the heels to the toes.

The shoes are rigid in the front making it easier to roll off your toes instead of bending them.

Cross trainers

These shoes are ideal for those participating in multiple sports. They are flexible in your forefoot when running but also have great side-to-side support for aerobics or playing tennis.

Tennis shoes

Playing tennis requires making quick side-to-side movements. Therefore, use tennis shoes because they provide support for these movements.

Besides, they have flexibility in the sole under the balls of the feet enabling you to easily make quick forward motions.

Softer-soled tennis shoes are ideal for those playing on a soft court. Consequently, pick tennis shoes with more tread if you play on the hardcourt.

Running shoes

These shoes have extra cushioning which are shock absorbers as your feet pound the pavement. The shoes are specially designed to enhance forward motion. Shop in a reliable online running shoes store for quality shoes.

Running shoes protect your heels and the front of your feet. Using them for running exercises helps you avoid stress fractures, tendonitis, and shin splints among other problems.

Trail running shoes

These are different from normal tuning shoes because they provide more support for side-to-side movements common when running or jogging on trails. These are useful because of the uneven surfaces.

Most importantly, the shoes can withstand rocks, mud, dirt, water because of their heavier treads.

Basketball sneakers

The athletic shoes have thick and stiff soles providing extra stability when running on the court. Also, the high-top shoes provide ankle support in-game situations requiring a quick change in direction when landing or jumping.

Soccer shoes

Soccer shoes have cleats, studs, or spikes on the sole to provide traction when running on the soft turf or grass. Besides, they are form-fitting with a tight feel making players feel the ball on their foot.

Football shoes

Football cleats have stiffer bottoms. Also, they have a center toe cleat to allow fast running at the scrimmage line. However, football players should buy cleats meant for their specific playing positions.

For instance, linemen do well with high-top cleats for better ankle support. Receivers need low-cut shoes for easy turning, the same as running backs.

Softball and baseball shoes

Baseball and softball cleats are narrower and longer than some athlete shoes. The toe cleats are made of metal. These shoes prevent pain by supporting the arch. Pain is a problem for catchers.

Golf shoes

As impressive as they are, they improve your game and make it safer for athletes to walk the golf course. These shoes have soles with short cleats to prevent slips by firmly planting your feet during golf swings.

You have more stability when walking around the sand traps or to the next hole.

Hiking boots

The shoes are perfect for hiking adventures. Lightweight hiking boots are for short hikes or well-maintained trails. Consequently, midnight hiking boots are for rocky terrains and uneven surfaces.

Use heavyweight hiking boots when walking on snow, carrying a heavy backpack, or hiking in rocky areas carrying over 30 pounds of backpack.

Cycling or biking shoes

Mountain cycling shoes have flexible soles. They enable the cyclist to walk and cycle thereby covering both needs.

However, competitive cycling shoes have stiffer soles which put more energy on pedaling. Consequently, indoor spin classes need specific shoes for safety. Spin classes shoes are mostly provided by the facility on site.

Final thoughts

Always wear the right athletic shoes that fit the sport to enjoy protection and better performance. Always check the appropriate cleat before buying. Feel free to consult us before buying athletic shoes.


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