Why Choose a Human-Generated Transcription Website?

Why Choose a Human-Generated Transcription Website?

Whenever we hire a company for services, we want the best and most accurate results, right? Well, while that may be what we want, it is not always feasible. There is a wise saying that we get what we pay for. This is particularly true when it comes to a transcription service. The transcription accuracy rate is the percentage of errors that you can expect to receive in a transcription. While we would all love to get as close to 100% as possible, accuracy costs.

Human-Generated vs Automated Transcription

Using the transcription accuracy rate, we can compare the results for an automated transcription vs a human-generated one. You only have to think about how often Siri misunderstands you, to know that problems often arise through automated transcription on devices. There are so many nuances to language that it is extremely difficult to train AI to understand them all. While a human will likely understand if you mean “a pear” or “a pair”, this is a difficult thing to teach to a machine. So a human-generated transcription will have a much higher accuracy rate than a computer. But as humans, we need to get paid for our time, so this will cost you more. So why would you choose one option over the other?

When to Choose an Automated Transcription

The main benefit of choosing an automated transcription is the turnaround time. A computer can transcribe at the same rate as it takes to play the audio. So it’s especially useful if you simply want a rough draft transcribed quickly. And although AI is getting better at recognizing speech, there will be a lot of errors in the text. For example, typical transcription accuracy rates for Google AI are around 80%. While this number may seem high, that means a lot of post-editing to find the errors. A sample text of 1,000 words is going to have around 200 mistakes. The problem is that some of these may be difficult to spot. But if you are on a budget, or have the time to edit the transcription yourself afterward, this can be a good option.

Choosing Human-Generated Transcription

With a human-generated transcription, you will get much better results. A human can distinguish between our example of “a pear” and “a pair” without even thinking. Most people don’t even think about the rules of language, these just come naturally to the human brain. A high-end transcription service can offer you a transcription accuracy rate of 99%. So while you will pay for this service, you are getting incredible value for your money. In our example of a 1,000 words transcription, we would expect maybe 10 errors at most. There will be no need to go through the text looking for hundreds of errors. The amount of time this saves you may well be worth it. So if you are looking for accuracy, this should be your choice.

The Cost of Human-Generated Transcription Services

The cost of a human transcribing your work is determined by the turnaround time and the clarity of the audio. If you are not in a rush, you could opt for a 5-day service and get a cheap price. If you need the transcript in a faster time, the rate will increase. The number of speakers will also alter the price, as will how clear the recording is. A lot of background noise can make transcribing a more difficult task. You can use an online transcription calculator to get an estimate for your transcription service and budget accordingly.

Where to Find the Best Transcription Services?

Ordering a high-quality transcription has never been so easy. GoTranscript has been producing quality transcripts since 2005. All transcribers are trained to guarantee 99% accuracy for your order. You simply order online here and GoTranscript takes care of the rest for you. Your files are securely encrypted and all employees sign an NDA. You just choose your required turnaround time and your work is done. There is even a free trial so you can see the quality of your transcription. Start using the best human-generated transcription today and you will see why so many people trust their services.


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