How is the Current or Modern Online Education Method Different from the pre-existing?


Pandemic changed everything, from our lifestyles and patterns which we used to follow to how we used technology before. Technology, especially after corona, is undoubtedly the only backup for the sectors dealing with trade, businesses, and education. Former techniques or technologies were not much based on cognitive research and facts. The present-day modern technology is helping to redesign learning experiences based on cognitive research and has no longer remained a replica of offline experiences online. 

Many of us would think that it is the money behind our incapability to help children meet their best learning outcomes but, it is not true entirely. It might become a factor in not spending much on quality education for rural establishments and other middle-class people. Still, money is not the sole factor here, which is responsible for students not engaging enough in quality education. The problem here or the real reason behind all this is that the education system before the current one has significantly less or absolute zero interest in overall cognitive research. 

Earlier, even in offline education delivery methods, teachers’ way of teaching was more relied on to transmit lectures and information and followed a carrot and stick policy. 

The experts never analyzed the real root of the problem. Still, the pandemic gave humans plenty of opportunities to innovate education delivery methods where technology drives all more cognitive research models. 

What are the Impacts which e-learning eventually has on education?

Among the many such impacts, we will define 3 such results that e-learning or current day technology has on the education system. 

Spiralling curriculum

Curriculum design was most regular during our physical classes, where on completion of one such topic, we would move on to the next. When the tests or exams come, students have to devote a lot of hours to revision work and where they have already forgotten crucial concepts which they have done just once in the classroom. It becomes almost difficult for the student to recall and recollect all the essential facts and information that the teacher taught till examination. 

But these days, with the use of technology, especially ERP and LMS portals, which can record the live sessions, help students revisit the same lecture and thus again build up a strong concept about the same. Many of you might be things what ERP is; ERP meaning Enterprise Resource planning is a tool used for handling different operations of any organised sector on a single platform that facilitates smooth functioning of things. 

Mastery in Learning approach

Earlier, a time-based approach was made to understand a concept that might require much more time than what is given. It creates gaps in understanding, and this essentially becomes the educator’s responsibility to understand the accumulating gaps and put in or prepare a structure for helping the students fill out the same. 

E-learning provides students with a more flexible pace of learning and encourages personalised learning. Similarly, it allows teachers to teach according to their pace and adopt ways that they think will be beneficial for the better understanding of the concept and give the students quality and best learning experience. 

Teaching to learn

For ages, students have been told that their only job is to learn, why it is essential, or how learning works, which fails them to apply their learning to the real world. The students need to know that reading a storybook and a textbook is entirely different. The textbook or lessons must be read so that notes, when prepared, are revisited multiple times, which will thus help the students and, most importantly, the aspirants of exams like REET, NEET, and JEE to take a better approach and understand things better. 


The modern day’s use of technology has enabled us with cognitive research, up-to-date knowledge and skills, and learning modules which helps an individual in a far more realistic and promising manner than any other method would or had till now. 


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