How to win in Keno Lotto by strategy – lottery game secrets for all users


Popular strategies to win at Keno

Numerical lottery was known as far back as ancient China. Simple rules, large maximum winnings, fast results made it popular in the 21st century. You can bet on lucky numbers both in online casinos and in any kiosk. To win in, you need either luck or the right strategy.

Basic principles and rules

Keno is a simple lottery in which the player has to guess a maximum of numbers. The highest number of matches is: 20.

The gambling game involves 80 balls (in some versions – 70 or 120), each has its own number. The participant buys a special ticket and marks in it specific numbers. Depending on the rules of the drawing: up to 10, 15 or 20 digits. The balls are loaded into a special machine, which then gives out 20 of them. It remains for the participant to determine the number of numerical matches.

Best online casinos

In online versions, a random number generator is responsible for the randomness of the results. It is important that the algorithm is checked.

The player does not have to bet on the maximum number of digits. He can mark only 4, 7, 10. So he can control the level of risk and calculate the probability of victory.

In many drawings there are additional types of bets.

How to win in Keno Lotto

In the lottery not everything is decided by luck. Experienced participants apply strategies based on the knowledge of combinatorics. If you calculate the probability correctly, you can determine in advance how to make a profitable bet.

Popular systems and strategies

How to win the Keno lottery with secrets, math tells you. Alan Kriegman created his own system for winning. According to it, each player can develop a strategy, calculating the probability of guessing each number.

Example for a drawing where you can mark from 1 to 20 digits. The probability of matching will vary depending on the number of numbers selected:

If 1 number is marked, you have a 25% chance of winning.
With 2 numbers, the probability that will fall out 1 – 38%, 2 – 6%.
At 3: the chance of guessing 1 number is 43.1%, 2 – 13.9%, 3 – 1.4%.
At 4: the probability of matching 1 is 43.3%, 2 – 21.3%, 3 – 4.3%, 4 – 0.3%.

Given the probability, the player needs to choose the best number of digits and bet size.

It is important which ranges of matches count in a particular draw. In some lotteries, money will be paid for 1 or 2 guessed numbers, in others – only from 5 to 10. The maximum number of numbers that can be marked, the presence of combined bets, progressive jackpot also plays a role.

Secrets of experienced players

To win the game of Keno by strategy, you need to choose a lottery operator with high returns. In most offline versions, the return percentage is from 50 to 66% (lower than most other gambling entertainment). In online games, the return will be between 70 and 95%. The difference is huge, so it’s worth taking the time to choose a lottery. It is important to read comments from other players, test the payoff yourself. Information can be obtained from the employee of the hall in a land-based casino.

Experienced users also recommend choosing versions where there is a progressive jackpot. Then the low payoff will pay off with a big win. But it is important to wait for a large jackpot. Whether it is profitable to participate at a certain bet and a specific maximum winnings, you can calculate by formula.

Tips for users

To beat a casino or lottery operator, you need to follow these tips:
Do not bet on all numbers. It is safer to choose from 4 to 6. Winnings will be small, but losses in case of failure are minimal.
Buy tickets for 10+ lotteries. Then there is a discount. Each number will cost less.
Always use the probability table.
Bet on combinations, bonus numbers.
Give preference to drawings where there is a progressive jackpot. But at the same time look at the potential amount of winnings. It is better to wait until the jackpot becomes large.
Change tactics if there are no wins for a long time.
After a big win, it is better not to play anymore. There are few chances to repeat the result. It is better to take a break or choose another lottery operator, casino

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