Attention, Droid gamers: These games will boost your brain power

If you own an Android and are a gaming enthusiast, you must already know the options you have. Android phones are compatible with most of the thrilling games, and this is the reason why gamers stick to Androids! 

There is a pool of brain training games out there loved by millions of people. We love to flex our brain muscles every once in a while. Moreover, since the pandemic is still here, it makes sense to stay indoors and find ways to entertain ourselves. Some people are struggling to stay happy while some are facing issues with brainpower. These games are a rescue in this situation!

In this blog, we will talk about games that are unique and improve brainpower. These games help with cognitive function, improve memory, boost logical skills and reflexes, etc. Doctors even prescribe them for people who are facing difficulty in remembering things or concentrating. 

Effective mental stimulation keeps the brain healthy and functioning. People also indulge in these games to avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s. 


These games are super fun, exciting and would make sure that your brain gets trained. If you are an Android user and haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, it is high time you do so. Read on to know about the most exciting games in this genre! 

  1. Rummy: One of the most popular games here in India is known to stimulate your mind. If you are looking for games that will help you flex your brain muscles, then rummy is a card game that keeps you on your toes as you constantly need to use your brain to win the game. Great for card game lovers!

It comes with new challenges at every step. Rummy also helps in improving your focus or concentration. Since many of us are stuck at home due to the pandemic, we face various kinds of problems. However, many say that the surge for video games and online games would stay even after the pandemic; read this Forbes blog to know more about this.

We have had many readers face problems related to concentration. We always recommend them to play rummy because it helps you take risks to succeed, improve engagement, etc. It involves various strategies, tactics, techniques, etc. It helps in keeping the mind sharp. To play rummy online, make sure you know all the rules beforehand. 

  1. Poker: Originally a casino game, poker is also a card game that will help you stimulate your mind. The best part is that the online version is equally exciting and adventurous. Poker helps in improving concentration and boosts mathematical skills. If you want to work on your analytical skills, then this is the game you should play.

Poker teaches patience, helps in developing logical thinking, improves concentration, etc. If you haven’t played poker before then you must try a few free rounds of poker. You will understand that it can help you develop good judgmental skills and help you work on your brain muscles. In addition, it is a pretty cool game.

  1. Sudoku: All of us have played Sudoku in magazines, newspapers, etc. It is one of the oldest games, and as kids, we enjoyed filling crossword puzzles. Everything is so exciting about Sudoku, and the online version is equally impressive.

There are different variations of Sudoku available online. This popular Japanese crossword puzzle game that involves blocks, rows, and columns can help you enjoy your time in the best possible ways. Sudoku helps to reduce anxiety and stress as well.

It not only promotes a healthy mindset but also improves thinking skills. You can level up your brain power with Sudoku. It also reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s by stimulating your mind. If you are facing issues regarding concentration, then this is the game to opt for.

The online version has recently become popular because of the benefits it provides.

They are easy to play and are a great way to keep yourself engaged for hours. So if you are looking for games that would help you escape from the real world, then Sudoku is the one to go for. This game enables you to take a break from your monotonous life. So whether you are thinking of a round or two in between work or want to stay at home during the weekend and play games in your pajamas, bubble shooter games can be your best friend!

  1. Chess: This is yet another game that improves your problem-solving skills and helps you work with your brain. It promotes healthy competition as well as improves memory.

Online chess allows you to challenge pro chess players across the Internet. This is one of the most popular games played globally. We are sure that you used to play chess at clubs, participate in tournaments, etc. But now, online chess puzzles are the ones to rely on.

Even if you are new to the world of chess, it is never too late. The rules are the same as traditional chess board games. You need to know about the pieces, such as king, queen, bishop, knight, etc. Chess even protects against dementia and elevates creativity.

If you are looking for a game that will boost your brainpower, improve your memory, help you fight against depression and anxiety, improve your confidence and spark creativity, then chess is the game to play. 

So these are a few games that you can try playing online. These games are proven to help in stimulating the mind. Brain training games are becoming popular because even experts say that they are the best way for mental workouts. So if you want to keep your brain sharp amidst the global situation, these are the games to opt for. 

Start playing and working out your brain muscles.

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