CBD Dog Treats On The Go

The majority of people enjoy traveling, seeing new places, exploring exotic cultures and countries, and certainly the foods and smells that waft through the little cobblestone streets in cities. 

And as a young couple or a couple without children, this is significantly easier and less fuss, but when you have a family and dog in tow you get to see their little faces light up at a fireworks display or their expression when the chocolate ice cream tastes even better than it looks. 

The only difference is you have more people (and a pet) to think about, and as more restaurants and hotels become dog-friendly why would you want to leave your four-legged friend at home when he too can have the chance to splash in the waves and sprint across the beach?

Preventative measures.

We have all heard the horror stories and may have even seen a film where a family is headed off on vacation and suddenly the dog is either getting sick around the side of the house or is under the stairs whimpering in fear. Many times we don’t consider that animals can also get car sick or be afraid of the engine, or the noise of the wind whipping through the open windows, or a whole host of other elements. And if we want our pets to be part of the family holiday photos then we need to take action. 

There have been endless success stories of pet owners using natural and organic ingredients in their pet’s diets leading up to a big event, especially fireworks night, and implementing it into their diets early on made all the difference. Herbs, plants, and foliage have been used for centuries to aid in digestion, mental stability, and regulate health issues causing concern, and when it comes to animals this is no different. 

CBD, a plant compound from the Hemp family has been used successfully for treating a whole host of health and mental ailments, and one significant change mentioned by pet owners and CBD users is the way their once stressed and anxious pet is now calmer and more relaxed as they better assess a situation. 

Cannabidiol can be added to and used in a variety of products, dog food and snacks included, and knowing that cbd treats for dogs help anxiety you may just have found the answer to your prayers. An organic and all-natural ingredient that is not only healthy for your pet but safe is one to keep stocked up in the pantry. 

Your pet will be more relaxed when you begin to tell them about going in the car, or that you are going for a drive, and may even be the first one lined up outside as you pack your luggage into the boot.

Travel in comfort.

When it comes to road trips parents know all too well the importance and for most, the necessity, of having a well-planned and organized itinerary, entertainment, and snack bags for the kids, but how many people keep in mind the dog?

They need sustenance and water just as much as anybody in the vehicle, and if those snacks and treats can be healthy as well as nutritious, then you have yourself a winning combination. Not to mention, we could all use a trip to the bakery to purchase some doggy and bone cookie cutters right? Who says dog treats have to be boring. 

The versatility of CBD has allowed culinary enthusiasts to create and come up with endless recipes infused with and combined with this organic plant compound, and when it comes to dog food and treats it is just as exciting.

You can opt to create your own as you become comfortable with the ingredient, or you could take a quick look here https://www.karissasvegankitchen.com/homemade-hemp-seed-dog-biscuits/ at some tried and tested versions, to begin with, if this is all new to you. Either way, your pup will thank you for it, not only because he is getting a treat, but you will notice a significant change in his overall mood, a thicker, healthier coat, and an increase in energy. Winning all around. 

Be travel-ready.

The time is nearing when you are heading off, let’s look at some of the ways you can get your pet familiar with the idea that they will be going in the car and traveling with the family. This way they aren’t caught off guard as it were.

  • Test drives. Begin with small trips to the shops, or the park, this way they begin to understand the sounds and movements of the vehicle. They will also understand they will need to hold in their toilet needs till you stop.
  • Planned stops. As you increase the journeys you can practice making pit stops for them to relieve themselves, have these planned on your route so everyone can stretch their legs and get some fresh air.
  • Vet. Be sure to have a checkup at the vets before leaving to make sure everything is fine, grab a box of car sick medicine just in case, and tell your vet that you will be going on a trip to hear any advice or tips which are always helpful. You can also have a quick look at this link to get added information. 

Once the day arrives, be sure to make everyone as comfortable as possible for an enjoyable vacation and have car shades to put on the windows in the heat of the day. 


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