IPL Mobile Betting in India – Best Tips

  1. Every day, the IPL offers you new ways to win more – understanding how to bet correctly is essential if you want to earn a profit.

When it comes to IPL betting, there are several methods to get an advantage, so determining your approach early on is beneficial. Read on to know about some IPL mobile betting tips to get you started on your betting career.

Choose Your Preferred Bookie Wisely

You must choose a sportsbook and IPL betting app with which you are comfortable. It must be safe and controlled, but it must also give the tools necessary for success. 

Below is a fantastic guide on IPL mobile betting in India that will help you better understand each operator and make the best selection.

Establish a Betting Budget 

Before you start analyzing what to bet on in the betting app, you need to decide how much money you want to set aside for your betting budget. When you bet via a mobile app, you must deposit dollars before you can place bets. 

Therefore, you must know what your limit is ahead of time. This will assist you in betting securely and responsibly.

Examine the IPL Betting Odds

After you’ve determined a realistic budget, you should examine the odds at play. The value of good betting odds while betting on the IPL cannot be overstated. If you place a large number of IPL bets, your potential returns may be reduced if you accept a lower price than you may have been able to receive on another IPL betting app. 

The increased odds and price increases can influence whether or not an app or betting site in India is considered to offer high IPL betting odds. The pricing difference between IPL betting apps may appear minor, but the impact on potential earnings might be significant.

Learn About the Teams

Betting correctly and profitably on the IPL necessitates study, research, and more research. Without it, your bets will be based solely on educated estimates, which seldom end well.

The major focus of your study should be on the teams competing in the league. Consider their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they did in past tournaments.

If you’re not sure where to begin when investigating the teams, a nice place to start is by reviewing each player’s T20 statistics — you’ll find a wealth of data online, including bowling and batting averages. You’ll immediately see trends in terms of which clubs are worth betting on.

Recent IPL Champions (2017-2021)

When deciding where to put your bets on the IPL betting apps, it’s important to analyze past results. To assist you, here are the IPL champions from the last five years:

  • Chennai Super Kings in 2021
  • Mumbai Indians in 2020
  • Mumbai Indians in 2019
  • Chennai Super Kings in 2018
  • Mumbai Indians in 2017

The Mumbai Indians have won the IPL three times in the last five years, while the Chennai Super Kings have won it twice. Sunrisers Hyderabad also won the event by eight runs in 2016 and finished runner-up in 2018.

As you can see, there appears to be a pattern among the teams that reach the finals each year. Keeping an eye on these standout players may help you predict who will make it to the end of the upcoming IPL season.

Judge the clubs based on their performance in the league, but keep the recent champions in mind. After all, they’re top performers for a reason!

Profit from IPL Live Betting

IPL Live Betting via the IPL betting app allows you to bet on a cricket match in real-time, which means you don’t have to wait until the game starts to place a bet (which explains why it’s also known as ‘in-play’ betting).

IPL Live Betting enhances your chances of a larger profit. As the odds change throughout a game, you might even elect to cash out early to capitalize on a profitable opportunity.

In addition to the obvious allure of winning large, Live Betting offers a thrilling experience that will keep you engaged as the game develops. However, keep in mind that to be effective in this area, you must be comfortable making rapid judgments and being on the ball.

Look for IPL Promotions

With the IPL being one of the undeniable highlights of the Indian sporting calendar, numerous sports betting companies and betting apps in the nation conduct special incentives during this period. 

Earning free IPL bets is a substantial advantage for you if you want to put a considerable number of wagers on the world’s best cricket competition. Other IPL incentives that may be offered include increased odds, reload bonuses, and price increases.

A Variety of IPL Betting Markets

As a cricket fan, you’ll want to make sure that the IPL betting apps you choose to download offer a wide range of markets to choose from. Of course, predicting which side will win the game from the match odds market should be straightforward. 

However, you will most likely want to gamble live in-play on the IPL game of the day, such as by betting on the next wicket to fall. Top bowler and top batter are two ante-post options that should be available on IPL betting platforms. To summarize, the more IPL betting markets an IPL betting app has, the better.

Safety and Security of the App

You are correct to be concerned about the safety of IPL betting applications. The first thing to look at is how these apps are licensed and controlled. It is difficult to determine whether or not IPL betting applications are legal to use in India without the proper permits. SSL encryption and other security measures must also be in place. 

This contributes to ensuring that the personal and financial information of individuals who use IPL betting applications is kept safe and secure at all times. Operators should also check transactions for fraud.


The Indian Premier League is a one-of-a-kind and thrilling competition to wager on. It provides numerous options to make additional money for Indian individuals who are searching for methods to supplement their income outside of their normal occupations. 

Before putting your bets, you must first comprehend the laws of IPL cricket and select a trustworthy platform using the best tips of mobile betting above.


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