4 Basic Information You Should Know About Circles

A circle is an important geometrical figure that consists of points at the border, and it is the shape of the hula hoop. There are several interior points that have geometrical aspects that students need to consider. There are many students who are unaware of the Circumference of a Circle and others to consider. In Maths, the circle is an important figure that resembles several real life materials. From tyres to cake and ring, all are available in the circular shape itself.

But the main problem of the young brain is that they have only limited knowledge about this figure. Hence, we brought this post for you where we mentioned a few basic information about circles. So, if you are interested to know some extra information here.

Essential Facts to Know About Circles

  1. The Only Shape That Is an Alphabetic Letter

The letter ‘O’ is an important alphabetical letter that is used in several places. So, have you ever observed it carefully? What shape does it resemble? Yes, you guessed it right, that is a circle. If you closely observe it, it is in the shape of a circle. None other than ‘O’ resembles the circular shape. Hence, the first fact that you should learn is the relationship between ‘O’.

  1. This figure has no angles

If you closely observe the circle, there are no angles. Whereas other shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles are a few polygons that contain angles. Thus, when students study theoretical concepts about them, they find it a very challenging task. Whereas understanding the theoretical geometry of circle shape is not so challenging.

A small amount of revision is enough to gain command over concepts. If we talk about mathematical knowledge, this figure refers to the shape boundary like disks. Just imagine if tyres were in the square shape, was it possible for you to roll over roads.

2. Human beings and the circle

If students are thinking that the circle is only limited to the theoretical textbooks. But remember that human civilization and circles have been bonded together since ages.  Whether it was an instrument used for pottery or wooden wheels used for travelling purposes, ancient civilizations used these tools, which were circular in shape.

Even in the modern age, several gadgets and tools used for the daily purpose are of circular shape only. Whether it is the bicycle tyre shape or eyeglasses, humans are actually surrounded by circles. That is why we say that the bond of humans and the circle shape is a long lasting one that will continue for a long time.

3. Radius and Diameter

If you are in your lower classes, there is a problem understanding the radius and a diameter for many of us. So, if you do not understand the radius of a circle, then remember that it is a line drawn from a midpoint of the circle to the edge. And diameter in simpler words is twice of the radius. To make your job easier, several mathematical formulas are there that will be easier for you to understand these concepts.

Wrapping It Up

So far, we have understood what the important facts associated with circles are. If next time you encounter someone who will ignore circle studies, show this blog to them. Remember that this shape is an important part of the geometry. Do not ignore its importance while studying. Also, do not take its theoretical concepts very seriously.

Sun, planets and other things in this world are made of circles. Hence, the circle is everywhere and we are surrounded by it.

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