What Makes Golf So Fun?

Are you looking for a new hobby? Then, why not try out golf? Golf is a popular sport, amassing about 24.3 million players last year, and keeps attracting new interested players. It’s not surprising because  it’s a fun sport to boot!

If you’re contemplating whether to take it up as a hobby, here’s why you should hit up the golf course.

Anyone Can Enjoy Golf

Anyone can enjoy golf! If you’re new to the sport, it’s fairly easy to learn the basics by playing in different courses.

Golf has a certain image, with many thinking that only the rich can play it. Because of this, many get intimidated by picking up the sport. But you’ll be glad to know this is merely a misconception. When you step foot on a golf course, you’ll see that golfers come from different ages, gender, class, or race. It doesn’t discriminate.

Still doubtful? Try to take a look at golf’s history. You’ll see that the players can be as young as two years old and as old as 92. Different genders come to play this relaxing game as well. It’s a sport that different generations can enjoy and play together.

You Can Place Bets on It

Another great thing about golf is you can do more than just play the sport. You can watch professionals play and bet on golf online. By watching these matches, you can also improve your swings on the golf course. Try imitating their moves when you’re on the course.

With this sport, you can enjoy watching professional golfers while earning money since even small wagers get you massive returns.

It’s a Great Exercise

Golf involves a lot of walking. Most courses would have you walking 6.6 miles by the end of your game. Moreover, you must walk closer to the golf ball to swing it to the hole. So, if you have a pedometer goal to reach, you can easily get your daily steps with this sport.

As such, many shoe manufacturers produce shoes specifically for golfing. Golf shoes are more rigid and allow you to hold your ground as long as possible. These golf shoes are one of your best tools, in addition to your golf clubs, when walking and getting your exercise for the day.

You Can Stay Under the Sun

With golf, you can choose to play indoors or outdoors. But by playing indoors, you won’t get the full golf experience, so if you can, choose to play outdoors. With this, you can exercise your body and bask under the sun.

Golf is a sport that helps you stay calm and more focused, and being under the sun helps with that. Additionally, it lowers your blood pressure, prevents diseases, and supports bone health.

This happens due to Vitamin D’s ability to regulate calcium and phosphate in the body. These two nutrients keep the bones, muscles, and teeth healthy.

Furthermore, Vitamin D also stimulates the receptors in your brain that are involved with emotion and behavior, which is why many feel relaxed and happy while playing. However, be sure to protect your skin with generous amounts of sunscreens. It would also help to wear sun-protective clothing that absorbs or blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. By doing so, you can save your skin from sun damage and skin cancer.

It’s Great for Making New Friends

Are you interested in widening your social circle? If so, golf can help you with that! Another great thing about golf is that courses are the perfect venue to make new friends and form new connections.

When you go to the course, tell the clubhouse that you’d be willing to join others in their game. The clubhouse would be more than willing to set you up with other people who are also open to playing with others. Before you know it, you’ll have your own circle of golf friends that you can play a round or two with.

Relaxation Time

If you plan to play golf by yourself, you’ll have plenty of quiet time alone. While golf is an excellent sport for making friends, it’s also great for de-stressing. If you want to be alone, you can distract yourself by focusing on the task at hand: landing the ball in the hole.

Taking time to focus on yourself and the golf ball also allows you to spend time away from your stressors. The sport can help you think clearly and let your mind rest to put your problems in a better perspective.

Final Thoughts

Are you now interested in playing golf? If that’s a yes, then get your gear ready and enjoy the benefits mentioned above and more. Golf is not only a sport where you can dress up in white and sophisticated clothes. It’s also a sport where you can make new friends, relax, and many more.

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