What Is a PPC Agency, and What Do They Even Do?

What Is a PPC Agency, and What Do They Even Do?

To ensure success in your paid ads campaigns, you need in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and to use the right strategies. 

Pay-per-click advertising is not a set-up-and-forget tactic. You need to invest time and effort in managing paid ads; otherwise, you could miss out on great opportunities to improve your ad campaigns. You need a PPC agency for effective paid ads management. 

This article presents a few things a PPC firm can help you with.  

What Is a PPC Agency?

A PPC agency manages PPC campaigns to improve brand recognition, promote products or services, and increase traffic to a business’ website. PPC is short for pay-per-click. You will only pay for an ad when your audience clicks on it. 

What Does a PPC Agency Do? 

A PPC agency can help your business in several ways. Below are some of them. 

Create Practical, Data-Based PPC Goals

As said by Digital Authority Partners, businesses need the expertise and experience of PPC firms to improve their paid ad campaigns. Successful campaigns start with a roadmap to ensure that every member of your advertising and marketing teams knows what they need to do and eliminate errors.

A PPC agency starts by establishing goals using key metrics such as the following: 

  • Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is the complete worth of a customer to a business throughout their relationship. PPC firms find the CLV of your business to uncover opportunities and create revenue from existing customers. CLV also helps agencies identify strategies to attract new customers and build long-term relationships with them.
  • Customer Acquisition Costs CAC is how much a business spends to get new clients. PPC firms need to track CAC to determine the effectiveness of their client acquisition efforts and adjust this accordingly.
  • The Return on Ad Spend or ROAS is essential in measuring the value of your PPC campaigns. The value refers to the revenue a campaign generates. PPC firms can use the ROAS to decide if they need to continue, pause, or change campaign elements.
  • Return on Investment or ROI is considered one of the most important metrics for advertisers as it shows a campaign’s real effects on your company. ROI also helps a PPC firm decide if they need to continue a strategy or not. ROI 

A PPC agency will help you understand the importance of these metrics to your overall paid ad campaign success. They will also implement realistic goals based on these metrics. Meanwhile, your goal varies depending on what your business or online site is about.

For an ecommerce store, aim to increase sales. If you sell high-value products or offer professional services, your goal could be to increase leads. If you’re a new business or want to promote your brand, your goal must be brand awareness.

Structure and Optimize Your Campaigns

A PPC firm ensures that your paid ads are well structured and optimized to produce the best results. The firm can structure your ads for maximum effectiveness without overlooking Google’s capabilities when your ads run on the AdWords channel. 

They consider the following elements.

  • PPC Keywords – PPC firms consider foremost the keywords you’re using. Your campaigns must have ad groups that target your specific keywords. So, thorough keyword research is a must.
  • Campaigns – PPC agencies will develop paid ad campaigns for specific aspects of your products or services. Have a separate campaign for branded keywords and each product and service.
  • Paid Ad Groups – grouping ads can help make campaigns more manageable since you know which ads are for specific keywords.
  • Ad Copy – PPC firms optimize ad copies to engage more search users using your target keywords or key phrases. They create ad copies with keywords and other copywriting elements to encourage your target users to consider your offer.
  • Use of Ad Extensions – These additional elements increase your ad space. Ad extensions include location extensions, site link extensions, and call extensions. They increase your chances of improving your Quality Score with more appealing ads.
  • Landing Page – a PPC firm will help create landing pages for every campaign. Optimized landing pages will bridge your PPC ads to your offer and encourage your prospect to take action.
  • Analytics – a PPC agency monitors every stage of the PPC funnel to check which keywords, ad copies, and landing pages are working and which are not. Pausing or discontinuing keywords and ad copies that don’t work and re-allocating PPC budgets to those that do will improve your ROI.

Manage Your PPC Budgets Efficiently

A PPC firm can help you create more realistic and efficient ad budgets, which are strategically set according to different campaign stages to ensure maximum profits.

For instance, a new PPC campaign in the early stage may need a higher budget since you’re still likely unsure which works or not. Once you know which keywords work or strategies are worth using, you can revert focus and ensure a higher ROI.

Your goal during the first few weeks is to get as much data about your customers and see which keywords work. A PPC firm will closely check search query reports to look for keyword ideas missed during the campaign setup, negative keywords, and keywords that drive sales.

The firm prioritizes your top-performing keywords by moving these to the ad group. Other things that an agency monitors are your click-through rates and your landing page performance. 

Also, they will zero in on landing pages that provide the most conversions and determine what areas of the page design and copy generate the most conversions. Data gathered is used to enhance other landing pages effectively.

Monitor and Optimize PPC Campaigns

Well-managed PPC campaigns are closely monitored and optimized to create the most rewarding results. A PPC agency will optimize your paid ad campaigns to hit your long-term goals. 

An experienced agency can expand your current strategies with updated campaign keywords and ad groups. They also use split testing to compare different versions of your ad copies or landing pages. Such tests help determine which material can produce a better conversion for your target market.

PPC agencies test every step of your PPC campaigns. They look for and try new keywords to see how well these perform compared to existing ones. They also split test ad variations by changing headlines and ad descriptions. Landing page elements like page headlines and call-to-action phrases are also tested for effectiveness.

Final Words

An experienced PPC agency to help you plan, monitor, and test your paid ad campaigns will ensure your ad campaign success. Choose a reliable agency that will provide PPC with SEO to cover every aspect of your customer’s journey for higher ROI and better organic and paid ads performance. 

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