Ways to Wear Camo Pants Like Today’s Hottest Stars

Ways to Wear Camo Pants Like Today’s Hottest Stars

We’ve seen many fashion trends come back in style in the last few years. This was particularly evident during the pandemic when everyone, including our favorite celebs, was trying throwbacks to by-gone decades, from the 1970s through the 2000s. However, there’s one trend that has exploded in popularity and is definitely here to stay: cargo pants.

Camo pants are almost ubiquitous these days — they’re everywhere on the streets, runways, and even offices. We’ve lost count of celebrities rocking this trend. For one thing, the new mom-to-be, pop icon, and recently-declared billionaire Rihanna has been seen rocking cargo-style camo pants dozens of times in recent years. And she isn’t alone; Addison Rae has also been spotted wearing camo pants for women.

Kim Kardashian wore a pair of metallic silver cargo pants in the Big Apple while hanging out with SNL star and new bae, Pete Davidson. Fellow celeb Dua Lipa shied away from the luxurious metallic style in favor of bright-colored red cargo pants, while Kim’s sister Khloe opted for a neutral pair.

The famous American dancer Charli D’Amelio chose bright pink cargo pants while performing her favorite moves. Meanwhile, Olivia Rodrigo, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Ciara, and other A-list celebrities have all shown us how chic and versatile cargo pants can be.

Whether you’re into bold colors, neutrals, or love to rock trendy prints like camo, there’s a pair of cargo pants with your name on it. They range in styles from faux leather to loungewear and everything in between. If you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration, we’ve put together some of the most fashionable ways to wear cargo pants like your favorite celebrities.

– Camo Cargo Pants

Camo pants are not exactly new to the fashion scene, but its comeback is bigger than ever. Largely inspired by the boom in Y2K styling aesthetic, these pants in combat prints are uber-chic yet incredibly comfortable, with deep pockets to boot. 

The We Found Love singer and Fenty Beauty owner, Rihanna, is a well-known fan of the camo look, as she was recently photographed in NYC rocking cargo pants with a pink cami tank and her iconic fuzzy bucket hat. Ri-Ri opted for a swish pair of pointed pumps and Versace checkered sunglasses to add more pizzazz to her camo pants look.

The Barbados queen isn’t the only fan of camo cargo pants, though; Kim Petras and Kylie Jenner have also been spotted in these ever-so-stylish bottoms. Make camo-printed pairs your wardrobe staple if you’re into relaxed outfits. They shine their brightest when married with denim jackets, parkas in dark shades of green or plain white tanks.

If you want to borrow a leaf from Rihanna, consider combining a dark green pair of camo pants and a navy denim jacket or a black hoodie. Round off your laid-back look with a pair of black leather high-top sneakers.

– Bright Cargo Pants

Celeb’s love affair with brightly-colored cargo pants is well-documented. Rihanna, Charli D’Amelio, and Olivia Rodrigo have all been seen stepping out into the streets in bright cargos that made them look like a million dollars. For your next closet upgrade, be sure to pick up a few pairs of cargos in bright, vibrant, and bold colors so that you can stand out in them.

Bright cargo pants go perfectly well with large belts and simple tops or jackets in neutral shades. Case in point: marrying yellow cargo pants with a gray shearling jacket and gold woven leather belt is an impeccable option for an edgy yet casual look. Black leather ankle boots are an effortless way to dial up the style factor of your ensemble.

Wearing cargos in bright hues like red or electric orange doesn’t have to be complicated. For a simple outfit that looks and feels as cool as possible, combine a plain white crew-neck tee and a pair of red cargo pants. Slip into black and white leather pumps, plus a brown leather belt, black sunglasses, and a gold bracelet to spice things up. Bright cargos are loud enough, so be sure to keep the rest of your outfit toned down.

– Cargo Joggers

Cargos with a drawstring and figure-flattering waistline bring together the best of our favorite worlds – total comfort and chic fashion. You’ll absolutely enjoy the function of cargo-style pants (read: pockets) and the comfort of joggers. What more could you ask for?

Celebrities like Ciara get this, and they sure know how to give the look the much-needed spruce-up. If you’re not sure about color choices, we highly recommend sticking to classic hues and shades like navy, gray, white, and black. This is a fairly safe bet for styling cargo joggers in most colors.

The most crucial decision when styling cargo joggers or any other piece of athletic-inspired clothing often boils down to your footwear choice. You can always turn to your trusty pair of low-top sneakers or a classic pair of trainers, but don’t be afraid to try ankle boots, black leather flat sandals, or even pumps.

Cargo joggers also look fab when combined with a bodysuit, partly thanks to their high-waisted design and figure-hugging silhouette. This combination is incredibly slimming and can work for any body size or shape. You can dress up the chic look with statement accessories and strappy heels.

– Pink Cargos

Red cargo pants may be the go-to choice for most celebrities, but recently, pink cargos have become too trendy to ignore. You already love pink on tops, underwear, loungewear, and even sweats – so why not snap up a pair of cargo pants in your favorite signature color?

You can find a ton of trendy pink-hued cargo pants on offer today. All that remains is to check your closet or shop for the best items and accessories to style them with. Street styling dictates that you should wear pink cargos with camo shirts, tops, or t-shirts. 

For example, you can pair your cargo pants with an olive camo crew-neck tee for a smooth look that comes together in no time. If you want to rev up your outfit easily, add a pair of tan leather or strappy sandals to your ensemble.

– Leather Cargo Pants

Leather cargo pants usually come in black, but you shouldn’t be afraid to get them in other neutral tones like soft brown, tobacco, or even cognac. Even so, black is the preferred shade for faux leather cargo pants. The pants not only go with virtually anything, but they can also add plenty of edge and elegance to any outfit.

Colorful faux leather cargo pants can also steal the limelight. You can opt for more playful, lighthearted hues such as lilac and yellow or sultry red for a sexy look. While leather cargos are an excellent choice, styles with pockets and details like cutouts are even better. 

Black faux leather cargo pants are best teamed with a coat or blazer in more muted neutrals like camel, brown, or tan. You can easily pull off a sexy yet practical look with the two pieces. Add a pair of black and white low-top sneakers to your get-up, and you’re ready to deal with whatever the day can throw at you effortlessly.

If you’re planning to wear black leather cargos regularly, you’d be better off investing in a chic red coat or blazer. The two are a must-have and will integrate beautifully within your casual styling collection. If you’re not sure which shoes to pair with them, go for white leather low-tops.


Cargo pants, especially ones in camo prints, have stolen the hearts of our favorite celebs, ranging from Rihanna to Dua Lipa and the Kardashian sisters. We can wear many cargo pants styles based on their styling inspirations, including green cargos, camo pants, pink cargo pants, black faux leather cargos, and cargo joggers, for the ultimate in comfort and style.

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