The Top 5 Greatest All-Rounders In The Cricket History

The most valuable position in any cricket team is no doubt for the all-rounders. Every team in the world tries to include a genuine all-rounder in their squad of eleven because it perfectly balances every team. Every captain demands a genuine all-rounder, but getting them is quite rare. It is so rare, that only some handful of all-rounders have been able to make an impact in their squads in the entire cricketing history. 


But in the last two decades, cricket has become quite a fast-moving and flashy game to glue the audiences who want to see shorter and thrilling formats of cricket on TV. That is why all-rounders have become an integral part of any cricket team. 


But when it comes to the greatest all-rounders, there are only a couple of them now. If you want to know some of the greatest all-rounders of the world, you have to go through the pages of history to find out or you can check cricket latest update today for more information.


Earlier, there were quite a few of them. The following list is about the top 5 all-rounders in all of cricket’s history. 


  1. Imran Khan


The name Imran Khan could be the synonym word for both confidence and leadership skill. In his time had lifted the overall confidence of his own home country through his style of playing in from of the entire nation. Imran Khan became quite famous because of his ability of bowling at a serious pace on both lively and dead pitches. His will of winning every match for his country had made him a great captain of all time also. 


The most notable performance in his career was guiding the Pakistani cricket team to win the World Cup in 1992. This achievement of him is still cherished by his countrymen to date. 


Imran Khan’s love and passion for playing cricket for his country and delivering crucial knocks with both bat and ball in many tense situations inspire many young aspirants of playing cricket in Pakistan.   


Imran Khan had many qualities and also acted as an inspirational idol. These qualities make him one of the greatest all-rounders of all time.   


  1. Jacques Kallis


It is quite hard in believing the fact that four years back Jacques Kallis get retired. Till today, people search for his name when South Africa announces their squad for either ODI, T20 or Tests. In his time he used to bat in the proper top order, not like any other all-rounders who usually bat at lower down the order. His test batting average is also 57 which is greater than even of some of the greatest batsmen of all time. 


It was quite surprising that even after becoming a superstar in world cricket, he used to practice cricket every day just like any other player with full devotion. Kallis was not at all a flashy player anytime, but every time he used to deliver for his team in all positions. His contribution to cricket is still unmatched. This is why to date, South Africa has not been able to find a replacement for Kallis in their team. 


Jacques Kallis is still the most perfect and sort-out all-rounder that the world has ever seen and every team want a player like him to date. 


  1. Sir Garfield Sobers


The most interesting fact about Sir Garfield Sobers was that he started his career as a fast bowler who can also do batting a bit. But suddenly, he developed the skill of batting and became the most dangerous batsman the whole nation had ever seen. For 36 years, scoring 365 runs in an innings held a record against Pakistan. 


Besides all these, he also had the ability of bowling left-arm pace bowling, left-arm orthodox spin and left-arm wrist spin. This makes him quite a unique and irreplaceable player at that time. 


Sobers was also quite famous for hitting six sixes in an over in a country match against an English bowler Malcolm Nash. His only drawback was that he could not become a good leader because West Indies held a poor record under his captaincy. Though he started his captaincy career quite successfully.  


  1. Richard Hadlee


Richard Hadlee can easily be called the greatest player in New Zealand. He was the player behind lifting the New Zealand team from a small cricket-playing nation to one the biggest team in world cricket. The New Zealand team at that time could not think without Hadlee in their squad. He became famous because of his raw pace bowling with a comparatively short run-up than usual. 


His records were also remarkable because he took 431 wickets in his entire test career at only a 22.29 bowling average. Hadlee’s entire career was covered with brilliant performances. But two major innings were one against India with his bowling in another one against mighty Australia with his all-round abilities. Still, he is missed by the New Zealand team because of the all-round performance that he gave.  


  1. Kapil Dev


The contribution of Kapil Dev to team India at that time cannot be forgotten by any Indian in their entire lifetime. He was considered the identity of the new Indian team, who learned how to fight, how to come back and how to withstand any situation. The most highlighted part of his career was guiding team India to win the World Cup at that time against big players like West Indies, Australia, and England in 1983. This event got popular because the Indian team at that time was not a well-balanced side and the team was also not considered a threat to anyone. 


In his 131 test matches, he achieved to took 44 wickets and Indian pitches at that time were quite spin-friendly. Kapil Dev’s most memorable inning was against Zimbabwe where scored175 when his side was in quite a bad condition and about to get knocked out from the tournament. 


This is the entire list of the top 5 greatest all-rounders in world cricket to date. There were many other great all-rounders too, but considering all of them is not possible. 


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