The Right Way to Blow Dry Hair At Home

Nothing can beat the feeling of having voluminous and soft hair. You feel beautiful when your hair looks great and feel ready to take over the world. One can easily add that oomph to the hair with the help of blow dryer at home. Now it is possible to get salon-like fresh blow-dry sitting in the comfort zone of home with the help of the right DIY hair tools and following the steps. All you need is a hair brush, hair styling tools, and most importantly an efficient hair dryer to achieve voluminous and salon-worthy hair locks. You can take the help of the following tips to blow dry your hair at home. 

Invest in the Right Hair Dryer 

An efficient hair dryer contributes to turning dry and frizzy hair into smooth and lustrous locks. There are some important key features to look into while buying any hair dryer. While investing in any hair dryer, always look for one that minimizes heat and takes less time to dry your hair. Few Hair Dryers have other features like multiple heat and speed settings, cool shot buttons, and compact size which play a major role in styling your hair the way you want. VEGA Insta Glam 1000 Hair Dryer cater to your needs of the desired hairstyle by combating friziness and quickly drying up the hair. 

Start with Towel Drying

Once you have washed your hair, firstly towel dry the locks to release the excess water. Let the hair dry naturally using a towel to avoid any damage to the wet hair. You can use a clean and soft towel to shed the water. You can wrap the towel around the head and squeeze out the water droplets. Remove the towel after some time and then let your hair dry.

Tangle the Hair Locks Using a Hair Brush 

Once the hair is dry, you can use a hair brush to detangle the locks. Use a wide teeth comb or hair brush with soft bristles to release the hair knots. Divide your hair into small sections to brush the dry hair and tame the frizzy hair locks. Brush your hair with gentle hands to avoid any breakage and take one section at a time.  A natural paddle brush with bamboo bristles helps with scalp massage and detangles hair of all types. 

Use a Heat Protectant 

Before using a hair dryer, make sure to apply a heat protectant. Heat protectant spray adds a protective layer to the hair and seals the moisture in the hair and also smoothens the outer layer of the hair. Use Hair Serum that’s specifically made for frizzy hair and makes the hair locks smooth. 

Start with Blow Drying the Lower Sections 

Lastly turn on the Hair Dryer and set the temperature at the lowest first. Use hair clips to divide the hair into different sections and pick the lower sections near the neck area. Setting the temperature at low and keeping the hair dryer at the distance while blow-drying the hair helps to keep hair healthy despite regular styling. Hold the brush at a fixed angle and glide it on the hair while running the dryer simultaneously. You can curl the hair ends as per your choice and using a premium quality hair brush will help you to get a salon-like blow-dry at home. 

And it’s a wrap! Investing in potential hair styling tools is a one-time investment that cuts down the price that we pay for each blow-drying session in the parlor!


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