The benefits of using virtual  reality and augmented learning through the help of  online education

The benefits of using virtual  reality and augmented learning through the help of  online education

Technology has played a significant role in the life of every individual across the globe and has made them more dependent on it for everyday usage. In the last few years, there has been greater development’s meet in the field of Technology which has helped in enhancing or efficiency and raising the productivity of most businesses across the world. through the use of modern technology humans have become more dependent on these, for their everyday operations. It has also helped in improving their knowledge about technology and providing them with greater efficiency in handling these services. Considering their educational landscape, it is important to know that Technology too has made its mark in the field of education. In the last few years there has been a gradual introduction of modern technological tools in the educational field to help provide better experience to the students and improve their learning process. There are several technologies available each equipped to provide one certain benefit to the students and help in improving their exchange of knowledge. This includes the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, e Augmented reality, flipped classroom, hybrid classrooms, graphics and animation and many others such technical tools. Despite the several benefits provided to the use of these tools, only certain Technology has found to be of Greater use in the learning field as compared to the others. It is the technology of virtual reality and gamification that is used most by the teachers to help teach the students.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is defined as a process where A simulated experience is created for the person using it Which can either be similar or different from the real world. The experience can either be fully immersive or subversive depending upon the aspect which the technology is being used for. In the case of education,  the students are made to use this technology to provide them with a better understanding of certain subjects such as history and geography. Through the use of this Technology the students are made to show a simulated experience of certain parts of the history of the world to provide them with a better understanding of the subject. Moreover, with the use of this technology Geography becomes far richer and real, helping students gain clarity on how it plays a vital role in our everyday life. Virtual reality is also used in colleges and Universities especially in research work to provide a three-dimensional experience and help the researchers to further analyze their subjects.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality on the other hand is mostly related to generating computer images and using them in real-world scenarios. This type of technology is used by teachers to teach online about different simulated environments that are found in the subject of computers. The use of this technology helps in providing a perceptual world when the students get a better idea about what can be presented instead of what is present in the current situation. Therefore it can be stated that the use of the technology allows the students to develop new ideas and create new innovations.

Importance of modern technical tools

It is important to note that in both these cases the best form through which it can be provided to the students is through online learning. Online teaching help the students graph a better understanding of these aspects of Technology and make them more proficient in it. In the last few years there have been several attempts made by educational institutions to use this technology in the daily learning process of the students. however due to the southern start of the pandemic it has been difficult for them to implement the same. Through the use of the online learning process, There have been many Institutions found who have sufficiently used this technology to improve the learning process of students. It has been found that through the use of this technology students have become more actively engaged with their studies and have also been able to better retain information. Moreover, they also stated that the use of this technology has made the entire learning process a very fun and engaging event for them.

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