SG and HK Markets for Easy and Quick Access to G3 Bonds

G3 refers to bonds that are determined in US dollars, yen, or euros, the three largest economic blocs in the world. A wide range of bonds from top issuers is available in secondary and primary markets throughout Asia, including Japan.

They have frequent access to private placement deals too. The G3 bonds offerings utilize solid connections with reputable bond issuers to access different global investment opportunities and help diversify your portfolio and maximize returns.

Some Benefits of Investing in G3 Bonds in Singapore 

Dependable connections with Hong Kong- and Singapore-based issuers top three US sell-side dealers, and Corporate Bonds, in Singapore.
Insights about the market, economy, and surroundings that are pertinent to the investment
Banks like DBS are among the top regional bond houses, excel in the field, and have won numerous awards.
Learn insightful details and in-depth analysis about research. 
With the assistance of investment professionals, determine the products suitable to your investment goals.
Understanding your investment risks is made possible through thorough evaluation procedures.

Review of the Asian G3 Bond Index

Since 1999, the G3 bond review has been conducted yearly. The review provides a lot of information regarding the product requirements of investment firms and the market penetration of banks operating in the Asian G3 bond market and the Asian CDS space. It also gives insight into how investors think and provides a thorough analysis of the buying behaviour of investors when choosing their counterparties.

Numerous leading investment banks worldwide provide coverage for 300 institutional investors from other countries, including international and Asian asset managers, banks, insurance firms, private banks, and hedge funds engaged in the Asian G3 bond market. Exclusive information about subscribers’ opinions, user profiles, and purchasing habits is provided.

The data sets include market share and penetration, the share of wallet, customer satisfaction, top performers and best practices in sales and research, and they cover sales, research, and trading activities. Additionally, qualitative data is shown. The review is carried out halfway through the year.


The review of G3 Bonds was created with the respondents’ needs in mind. The reviewers carefully crafted the questionnaire, drawing on their extensive industry knowledge and strong relationships with the content experts to produce a high-level, pertinent survey.

Potential participants are first contacted by the research team, who informs them of the review’s scope and objectives and directs them to an online survey. Then, customized follow-up calls are placed. Interviews that take place in person are also an option. 

The review offers an in-depth look into the investor’s viewpoint that few others are capable of because the reviewers speak directly to respondents rather than just sending them forms to fill out. Detailed, actionable results are provided to subscribers, along with qualitative input and observations that are recorded and reported alongside quantitative output.

Research solicits nominations for the top sell-side professionals in debt syndicate, debt capital markets, research, sales, and trading from more than 300 investors worldwide as part of the G3 Bonds review. All sell-side nominees, who are independently verified, are given the appropriate weights and rankings.

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