Learn the ways of the Harvester and learn how to improve your Harvesting levels and unlock rare New World Items

New World Harvesting Guide

After you complete the New World Account, one of the best things is to learn how the game works. Like any other MMO in the market, there’s always something new to check when you load the game. As a result, you can burn many hours between gaming sessions and discover new ways to experience the New World.

First of all, you have many ways to enhance your character when you increase your Level and find powerful items. Secondly, you can complete as many quests as possible and discover the rich Lore between the lines. Thirdly, there are ways to earn cosmetic items without spending a single cent.

Lastly, you have the opportunity to increase other skills that let you gather multiple resources and mix everything up to make New World Items. One gathering, “Trade Skill,” is obtaining different materials from plants around the virtual world.

This article will focus on this Trade Skill and teach you how to make you a better harvester.


New World Harvesting Guide

Unlike any other video game from the same genre, you “know” how to harvest plants without the assistance of any NPCs. Furthermore, when you start your journey in New World, you’ll have an extended tutorial about your abilities. Hence, you’ll get to pick flowers within minutes. Still, lots of hidden knowledge might give you the upper hand. 

Harvesting Skill

First, you’ll need to equip a Harvesting Sickle and look for gathering nodes within your leveling area. Have no worries, though; you’ll learn the principles of Harvesting within your first playthrough. When you finish the tutorial, you’ll learn how to craft a “Flint Harvesting Sickle” and check what the first gathering node looks like in this game. Hence, you’ll see how the “final result” you’ll get once the New World Items appear on your inventory.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that you gain a little bit of experience when gathering any materials from the nodes. At the same time, you’ll suddenly see that some of these items are necessary to complete recipes from Armorsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, or even Cooking.

Harvesting Nodes

Like any other RPG out there, you can earn experience and levels for your Harvesting Skill. Furthermore, some gathering nodes require a higher level from this element, or you won’t get the opportunity to obtain the materials. At the moment, you can find Harvesting Nodes such as:

  • Basil (Brightwood, Everfall)
  • Cinnamon (Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, First Light)
  • Dill (Edengrove, First Light, Mourningdale)
  • Garlic (Everfall, Great Cleave)
  • Ginger (Ebonscale, Reekwater, Windsward)
  • Mint (Restless Shore, Weaver’s Fen, Windsward)
  • Nutmeg (First Light, Great Cleave, Weaver’s Fen)
  • Oregano (Monarch’s Bluff, Restless Shore, Shattered Mountain)
  • Paprika (Brightwood, Monarch’s Bluff, Shattered Mountain)
  • Parsley (Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, Mourningdale)
  • Peppercorn (Cutlass Keys, Monarch’s Bluff, Mourningdale)
  • Rosemary (Great Cleave, Restless Shore, Weaver’s Fen)
  • Saffron (Brightwood, First Light, Mourningdale)
  • Sage (Brightwood, Everfall, Reekwater)
  • Tarragon (Brightwood, Reekwater)
  • Thyme (Ebonscale, Reekwater, Windsward)


Improving Your Material Gathering

Now that you know some of the materials you can obtain with the Harvesting Skill, the rest of this article will guide you on refining everything. In this part, you’ll find different techniques to help you when you’re gathering a new plant node in New World. Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity to gather more materials at a fast pace, allowing you to earn more New World Gold.

  • Harvesting Perks: Some New World Items that you’ll find might come with additional luck when you’re practicing Harvesting. Now, “Luck” in this game will allow you to gather rare items from almost all the different nodes in the game. As a result, if you want to have all the components from a recipe, you should obtain and equip those goods with this feature. Furthermore, some bags might give you the chance to reduce the weight of your harvesting materials. Hence, you might get the opportunity to carry more materials on a single run. 
  • Harvesting Buffs: Different bonuses from territories that belong to your faction can give you beneficial improvements. For example, you can increase the gathering speed of your Harvesting when you’re inside that territory. Additionally, you can craft trophies that add more luck to your Harvesting Skill.
  • Harvesting Sickle: Although you need this item to gather materials, the same tool also obtains impressive bonuses. You can find more luck between the different Perks, increase the experience, azoth extraction, etc. Remember that you can use New World Gold to buy the perfect Sickle in the Trading Post.
  • Essential Stats: Some “magical” numbers in the game can give you stunning advantages. For example, if you invest your stat points in Intelligence, you can get buffs like Harvesting Speed or the chance to gather Azoth after Harvesting a node.
  • Harvesting Level: Besides the ability to gather materials for rare nodes, you can get bonuses depending on your skill level. Depending on your number (max 200), you will get better Luck and Gathering Speed.

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