Let’s discuss these poker hands in a little more detail in the below mentioned points.

All you need to know about poker hands: Ranking from Highest to lowest hand rankings

When we talk about the game of poker, it is a game entirely based on skills, and in poker, the winner is usually the one that holds the best ranking poker hand sequence. It’s evident in the game of poker that someone with no skills but good cards may not always win, whereas someone with bad cards and a strong skill set can turn tables. 

For this reason, it is said that before starting to play the game, it is very important for a player to know what poker hand rankings are and what poker sequences would give them an edge over other poker hands. In total, ten hands comprise and describe the poker hand rankings. These hand rankings comprise poker sequences, pairs, triplets, and even cards of similar suits. The highest amongst all these poker hand rankings would be the royal flush, and a Straight flush follows it; next comes the four-of-a-kind over full house, followed by flush poker.

1. Royal flush: the highest amongst the poker hands ranking chart would be the royal flush. This hand comprises a sequence that starts from ace, then king, queen, jack, and 10, each placed one after the other in a sequence and belonging to the same suit.

2. Straight flush: The next in line comes straight flush, and it is considered the next in line amongst the difficult poker sequence. A straight flush would consist of five cards belonging to different suits in increasing sequential order.
3. Four of a kind: Four cards belong to the same rank, and the remaining one is a higher ranking card.
4. Full house: one of the most simple configurations is a full house. The cards in this hand are arranged in 3+2 format. Here three cards are of similar rank, and the other two similar cards are of different rank.
5. Flush: This would include five cards that belong to the same suit but may not be in a sequence. In case more than one player has a flush, it’s the high-valued cards that decide the winner.
6. Straight: When a hand consists of five cards, and they all belong to different suits but are arranged in sequential order, it’s called straight.
7. Three of a kind: One of the easier configurations when playing poker is there of a kind, where three cards belong to the same rank, and the remaining two are random cards.
8. Two Pair: When the hand holds two cards that belong to the same rank and the other two cards of some other ranking but does not match each other in any way, it’s called two pair.
9. Pair: Two identical cards belonging to the same poker hand rankings alone with three completely un-identical cards.

10. High Card: When any card does not fit into any of the above-mentioned categories, it’s a high card. A high card forms a solution to a tie or a deadlock situation.


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