Is There Such A Thing As A Lav Rente Kredittkort And How To Find One?

Being used to the fact that credit cards are expensive, it can be difficult for people to even imagine that they could find a lav rente kredittkort. I get that. If you often find yourself wondering why on Earth those cards are so expensive and if the rates are high simply because of someone’s whim, let me clear this up right away. Compared to secured debt, credit card debt isn’t backed by any collateral, meaning that it poses a greater risk for the lenders, i.e. the card issuers in this case. While they can repossess your home if you default on your home loan, or perhaps your car if you default on a car loan, there’s no such security in place when unsecured debt is in question.

Having to deal with such high risks, the issuers have found a way to protect themselves better by offering high interest rates on those credit cards. Coupled with the fact that the delinquency rate is higher on credit card loans than on consumer loans, it’s no wonder that the companies are doing everything they can to minimize their own risks, and they do so through those higher rates. So, imagining that you can find a lav rente kredittkort is difficult for a reason, as we’re all used to pretty high rates when these are in question. Is there, however, any way for you to find lower rates, or should you make peace with the higher ones? You’ll find out below.

What Are The Usual Kredittkort Interest Rates?

Before we get into the topic of credit cards with low interest rates, it’s important for you to understand the average ones. If you’ve never used this financial instrument in the past, you won’t know what to expect. And, not knowing what to expect can not only get you shocked when you realize how high the rates can go, but also completely confused as to what constitutes a low one and how to know for sure that you’ve found an issuer offering a lav rente. Understanding the fees and the rates before going into the process is bound to help you figure out precisely what to look for and how to notice that you’ve struck a good deal, and minimize the risk of making a poor one.

The average APR changes from one period to another, and while it was 19% in the last quarter of 2022, it has been much lower in the previous quarter, standing at 16.27%. This trend of increases doesn’t seem to have stopped, as there are data that the average rate was already at 24% in the beginning of March in 2023. Those are all some big numbers right there, making it even more implausible that you can get a low rate on your card. And, if such a trend continues, who knows what numbers we’ll see next quarter, and what to expect in a couple of years.

Is There Really Such A thing As A Lav Rente Kredittkort?

Given all of the numbers you’ve seen above, it’s no wonder you’re doubting the fact that a lav rente kredittkort can even exist. Well, to cut right to the chase, such options do exist, and websites such as can help you find some of those. Finding them, though, will quickly make you realize that “low” is quite a relative term, and that it is directly connected to those average rates we’ve talked about above, meaning you can expect the rates to be lower than the average, but you can’t exactly expect them to be extremely low. Extremely low would be if they went below the rates on secured debt, and that will definitely never happen.

Secured debt will always win when it comes to interest, but using a credit card is clearly not the same as borrowing money to buy a home, or a car, for example. The cards can be used for pretty much any of your purchases, while the secured loan you’ll get can only be used for specific types of assets. Assets that will then be used as collateral to secure the loan, and the collateral is precisely what allows for lower interest rates. Since no collateral can ever be expected as a requirement for credit cards, it’s perfectly normal to accept the higher rates on those financial instruments.

Despite all of this, we can still all look forward to lav rente credit cards, as those definitely do exist. Put differently, you can find a kredittkort that will offer a rate lower than those 19% we’ve mentioned above – the 19% that was the average in 2022. Given the trend of the rates increasing, and even reaching 24% in March 2023, the ones below 19% are actually the perfect deal. The best one you can find today. Finding the best deal, of course, leads to saving quite a lot of money, so don’t give up on doing that just because you believe all credit cards are expensive, as there appear to be some less expensive ones you can aim for and get.