How to Get the Best Bonuses for Cricket Betting in India?

Bonuses for Fans of Online Sports Betting

Bonuses are what attract players to bet online. It is no secret that bonus programs at online bookmakers are much more developed than at traditional bookmakers. Online sports betting in India allows customers to earn much more money thanks to various bonus offers.

To give an example, consider the website nova88. It is one of the quite famous online bookmakers in India. After registering on the site, every new customer can get a welcome bonus of 200% on their first deposit. That is, if you make a deposit of 1000 Indian rupees, you will get an additional 2000 rupees from the site as a bonus. Of course, you need to wager any bonus, but you have 30 days to do that and the wagering conditions are pretty simple. Traditional bookmakers have never been as generous as online sports betting sites. 

And this is just one of more than 20 bonus programs on the nova88 site. It’s clear that customers can get cashback, extra daily bonuses, and more. And with all that said, these bonuses are available on many sites. No one is stopping you from registering accounts on different sites for betting on demand in India. And on every site, you can try to get bonuses. 

In order to be guaranteed to get bonuses from the bookmaker, it is necessary to register on a good and reliable site. There are various nuances that affect the bonus. All of these nuances are described in detail in this text. To begin with, you need to figure out how to find a reliable and suitable site for online sports betting with high bonuses and not become a cheat. 

Choosing a Good Bookmaker Online

Choosing a good bookmaker in India is not such a difficult task. Fortunately, there are quite a large number of reliable sites in this country that you can trust. However, the large number of online sports betting sites causes a large number of scammers who may try to steal your personal information or even money. This is especially important because most bonuses require you to make the first deposit. If you make a deposit on a fraudulent site, you could end up with no money. So how do you choose a good bookmaker?


Every reliable bookmaker must have a license to operate. This license can be obtained in another country (not necessarily India). The fact is that many licenses extend their jurisdiction to dozens of countries. Because of this, more often than not, bookmakers have their licenses in other countries. For example, the bookmaker nova88 has a Curacao License.

The most important factor is the availability of a license and the regulator itself. The license must be obtained from a strict regulator, which is sure to guarantee the reliability of the site. It is best to double-check the existence of the license on the website of the regulator itself.

Reviews and Rating

Bookmaker reviews and ratings will give you the clearest idea about the site. Of course, some reviews may not be real, written for money. However, if you choose a well-known bookmaker, you can easily find hundreds of reviews about its work. And almost all reviews will be from real users, as it is difficult to fake a large number of reviews. Therefore, it is important to look not only at whether users leave positive comments but also at the number of those very comments or reviews. You should not choose a little-known bookmaker.

When you study the reviews, pay attention to the critiques. Of course, it’s gentle to learn about the strengths of the reviewed online sports betting site, but don’t forget to look at the flaws as well. After all, it is the flaws of the site that you will have to put up with. And if you find that some of the disadvantages are unacceptable to you, it is better to start looking for another site right away.  

Everything is much easier with the bookmaker rating. It is best to look for a bookmaker with a rating above 75%. Don’t doubt that there are quite a few of them in India. But also don’t forget that the rating should be based on dozens (or better hundreds) of evaluations, not on the reviews of a few “players”.

Work Experience

Pay attention to the experience of the site for online sports betting. It is best to choose sites that have at least one year of experience. This is very important due to several reasons.
First of all, the long life of the site ensures that you will not fall victim to scammers on the Internet. This is due to the fact that fraudulent sites are rather quickly removed and blocked.

Secondly, experience is also important for the reason of establishing normal communication with customers. If the online bookmaker has been working for quite a long time, he has had plenty of time to study customer feedback and fix the flaws of the site. It is important to understand that absolutely any site has flaws that need to be corrected. New sites will have many more problems that were not noticed by the developers and become obvious only after the influx of customers.

Ability to Play for Indian Rupees

The possibility of playing for Indian rupees is also important. If the bookmaker does not accept bets in rupees, then you risk losing a lot of time and money on currency exchange transactions, in addition, to remaining without bonuses and encountering problems with deposits or withdrawals. In fact, the currencies you can play for show what countries the bookmaker is targeting. If the site does not offer play for rupees, then it is not designed for customers from India. This can lead to the fact that you won’t find a convenient way to transfer money.

Technical Support

Technical support for a good online sports betting site should be available 24 hours a day. Most often technical support can be contacted via live chat or e-mail.

A good online sports betting site has technical support that is fast and courteous. Technical support can solve not only issues related to the stable operation of the site but also help users. For example, if you need help with activating a bonus, you can contact a technical support operator.

The Nuances of Getting a Bonus

When choosing a bookmaker, pay attention not only to the amount of bonuses offered but also to the possibility of receiving them. The possibility of getting a bonus means the wagering condition. Do not forget that absolutely all bonuses must be wagered.

It is best to choose a sports betting site online where the conditions for wagering the bonus seem quite simple to you. It is possible that with such a bookmaker the bonus amount will be less, but there is nothing wrong with that. Choosing a site where it is almost impossible to get a bonus, you may be left without any gifts at all.

Bonus conditions are also an important indicator of the bookmaker’s attitude to customers. If an online sports betting site entices customers with promises of large bonuses, which are almost impossible to obtain, then the online bookmaker expects to make a quick profit. If the site is not trying to deceive the player and offers normal conditions for a bonus, then the bookmaker is set up for long-term work. This already means that the bookmaker cares about his reputation and customer comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of bonuses are the most profitable?

The most profitable are the bonuses on the first deposit. Often they are from 100% to 300% of the amount of the first deposit.

2. Do online bookmakers give extra bonuses to customers who have a birthday?

Some online bookmakers congratulate their customers with extra bonuses on their birthdays. However, this practice is not very common.


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