Growth of Online Betting in India in Numbers

The usage of the internet as a platform for conducting betting is known as online betting. The online gaming business in India is undergoing a revival. In a region where gambling is almost a national sport, many players turn to the best online casinos. 

Over the last decade, particularly in the previous two years, online betting India has seen a considerable increase in popularity. The country has been a popular target for offshore casinos looking to provide the most up-to-date casino games. They are also offering some of the most generous incentives and promotions.

Indian online betting market statistics

India’s online gaming sector is rapidly expanding, with new operators interested in Indian gamers. The casino sites and sports betting companies operate under the fuzzy boundaries of India’s gaming law. However, because the gambling regulation primarily focuses on brick-and-mortar casinos, it is easier to manage online casinos.

According to some projections, 40% of all Indian internet users gamble. It will likely overtake the United Kingdom in terms of gambling per capita. According to some studies, 80 percent of adult Indians bet at least once yearly.

India’s online gamers are expected to increase in 2022 to approximately 510 million, down from 360 million in 2020. The betting business is poised to take control of the country and develop a financially viable and technologically advanced betting site network.

In 2020, the online gaming business in India was estimated to be worth roughly 76 billion Indian rupees. This was an increase over the previous year’s figure of almost 65 billion rupees. 

By 2023, the sector was predicted to be worth over 155 billion rupees, reflecting a robust growth rate of over 27%. By the end of 2027, the Indian market will reach USD 9164.42 million, with a CAGR of 21.93 percent throughout the region.

Increased job possibilities in this field are an excellent indication of this expansion. According to statistics, the betting industry in India will employ over 40,000 people by the end of 2022. As a result, other betting games will join the Indian market. As a result of this admission, earnings will grow.

Online betting in India by gaming type

The Indian internet gambling market is divided into five categories: sports betting, sweepstakes, lottery, matka satta, and casino. In 2019, sports betting had the largest market share in India’s online gaming sector. 

The expanding availability of innovative platforms across India, as well as rising disposable income, is playing a huge role. This has resulted in increased spending capacity, leading to the segment’s rise. Football, horse racing, e-sports, and other disciplines are all covered by sports betting.

Because of the widespread increase in online card games, casinos will continue to develop steadily in the future years. This expansion will also be aided by the popularity of online poker and the acceptance of deposits through online wallets and virtual currencies.

Online betting in India by device type

The Indian online gaming market is divided into three device categories: desktop, tablet, and mobile. In 2021, the desktop segment will hold a considerable part of the market. 

It’s because desktop computers have a larger screen than mobile phones. Other gadgets allow gamblers to appreciate the game’s aesthetics and complex nuances.

During the projection period, mobile devices will expand at a high rate. It is due to advancements in mobile phone technology. In addition, the improved gaming visuals in smartphones resulted in more people playing online mobile games.

Online betting in India by region

The Indian online betting market is divided into four regions: North, South, West, and East. Based on the increased usage of smartphones, North India is expected to take the lion’s share of the Online Gambling industry by 2027. The region’s growing popularity of online casinos, as well as the access to high internet, will play a role.

Due to the expanding usage of internet services, South India has a significant portion of the online betting business. In addition, the region is seeing rapid economic expansion, accompanied by increased expenditure on leisure activities.

Factors contributing to the rise in numbers

According to numerous research, the following factors are responsible for expanding online betting in India.

Large young generation 

According to statistics, India is the world’s largest country and has the world’s greatest young population. As a result, most of the country’s industries are growing new generation interests. Digital sports, including gambling, are a popular pastime among many teenagers.

According to a report by Statista, in India, 55 percent of casual players and 66 percent of active gamers are under the age of 24. These figures should indicate that millennials dominate the country.

Digital growth in India

In India, cellular subscribers increased from 493 million in 2018 to over 735 million in 2022. This shows how rapidly the country’s digital economy is developing. 4G networks have also increased, and smartphones are now widely available. By 2024, India will have more than one billion smartphone users.

People in the country now have access to online casinos because of the country’s rapid digital expansion. This is true whether you’re using a computer or laptop at home or a mobile device on the go. According to statistics, the market value of operating mobile gaming in India would reach $405 million by the end of 2022.

Role of the government

Surprisingly, the government is planning to assist youths in getting access to these online sports and other forms of entertainment. The Prime Minister of India has announced a program over 10,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots would be installed. They want to build thousands of these soon.

This action would pave the way for a massive expansion of the gaming business and general online betting in Delhi and throughout India.

Huge bonuses

Casino companies have assisted their growth by providing incentives and promotions to players. These offerings allow Indians to test various games while also increasing their chances of winning.

When a player initially joins an online casino, the benefits do not end there. Many websites provide VIP and incentive programs to encourage players to keep playing. They also spread the word about big bonuses to their friends and family. This contributes to an increase in the number of individuals who frequent online casinos.

Final thoughts

Online gaming in India will undoubtedly continue as long as young people populate the country. Other variables also play a role in this steady rise and positive market numbers. They will keep contributing to the industry’s development.


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