8 Short-Term Online Courses by IIM Lucknow

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIM Lucknow) is India’s leading postgraduate and executive-level management education institute. The Association of MBAs (AMBA) has accredited it, bringing it into the family of 187 Business Schools in over 70 countries.

IIM Lucknow offers several world-class online management certification courses. In this article, we’ll highlight the eight popular short-term online programmes for working professionals to help them build a personal brand and move their organisation to success.

1. Executive Programme in Strategic Management

IIM Lucknow offers a 7-month strategic leadership training course for executives to help them analyse the organisational environment and develop strategic skills to achieve goals, drive performance, and align short-term action with long-term goals. This advanced programme is intended for senior and mid-level professionals. The programme can also benefit a senior professional in a strategic role who wants to learn more about end-to-end strategy formulation and execution.

2. Executive Programme in Project Management

This project management certification course teaches professionals how to use project management strategies and tools to drive successful project outcomes. This 7-month advanced online IIM Lucknow course will benefit mid-career professionals looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of various project management techniques and practices to advance to higher-level decision-making roles

3. Executive Programme in Digital Marketing: Applications and Analytics

This executive programme encourages professionals to use marketing analytics and strong integrated digital marketing strategies to identify and develop effective skills and metrics for evaluating and increasing ROI, optimising campaigns, engaging customers, and ultimately driving sales.

The 10-month course at IIM Lucknow is designed for early and mid-career professionals who want to hone their digital marketing and data-driven decision-making skills and strategies to help their organisation succeed.

4. Executive Programme in Design Thinking for Strategic Leadership

The Executive Programme in Design Thinking for Strategic Leadership at IIM Lucknow is designed to help professionals use design thinking and innovation fundamentals to develop new, creative, and targeted solutions or improve existing products to meet customer needs and satisfaction. The programme will benefit senior professionals who want to understand the essential creative and collaborative tactics for producing excellent products. Additionally, business leaders and owners who want to learn more about incorporating creative thinking principles with technology and strategy to foster an innovative culture and drive transformation will also benefit from the programme.

5. Advanced Programme in Human Resource Management

This 11-month advanced IIM Lucknow course helps professionals to develop strategic management and leadership skills necessary for transitioning into leadership roles and driving organisational HR strategy. The certification programme is meant for mid-career professionals who want to learn the skills required to promote them to leadership levels and emerging business leaders who want to gain a thorough understanding of HR practices to manage the workforce effectively.

6. Executive Programme in Data Science

The Executive Programme in Data Science is a 9-month certification course offered by IIM Lucknow that helps professionals develop a strong decision-making strategy as well as learn and apply the latest data science tools and techniques for handling, managing, analysing, and interpreting data.

7. Executive Programme in Digital Transformation

This rigorous 11-month course offered by IIM Lucknow aims to equip working professionals with current and future digital technologies and skills to create new or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. It is intended for senior-level professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs interested in leveraging strategic solutions to drive digital transformation or who are currently undertaking digital transformation initiatives in their organisations.

8. Chief Human Resources Officer Programme

IIM Lucknow offers an advanced online Chief Human Resources Officer course that helps professionals to execute and develop HR strategies to support the organisation’s overall business plan and strategic direction. The programme is designed for senior executives and human resource leaders who want to improve their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities and excel at leading business transformation

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