6 Reasons Behind Increasing Online Food Orders in Jaipur

Jaipur, India’s Pink City, is surely one of the most picturesque cities in India. Thousands of tourists and travellers visit Jaipur every year to witness its natural landscapes, breathtaking forts, lush green gardens, cultural programs, and events. Another thing that attracts tourists towards Jaipur is its marvellous, lip-smacking food. The food in Jaipur has a rich Rajputana heritage and is an amalgamation of various spices and flavours native to Rajasthan. No wonder people who once ate in Jaipur never get tired of praising its food.  

With the advent of faster internet and smartphones, you can enjoy all these delicious foods in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to step outside and face the rush-hour traffic to eat at your favourite restaurant, you can order food online in Jaipur, and it will get delivered to your home within a few minutes. You can savour local cuisines like Feerni, Gajak, Missi Roti, and Daal Baati Churma or exotic food like Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian and many more. But have you wondered what caused this sudden increase in online food orders in Jaipur? Technological advancement is the major driving force behind this boom, but many other factors contributed to this exponential growth of online food orders. Here are 6 reasons behind the increasing numbers of online food orders in Jaipur. 

1.Increased tourism 

 The whole state of Rajasthan is one of the world-renowned tourist destinations. Every year thousands of travellers from India and the world visit Rajasthan cities like Udaipur and Jaipur to witness the beauty of marvellous forts, gardens and dune safaris. This high number of tourists and people visiting the city for various other reasons like work and studies is one of the major reasons behind the increasing online food orders.  

The metro population of Jaipur is 4,107,000, which is already a big number. On top of that, more than 3 lacs tourists visited Jaipur in the last six months. Most of these people already know about the internet and online food ordering, which has led to the rising number of online food orders in Jaipur.  

2. Rising number of restaurants and cafes 

The hotel industry in Jaipur is booming like anything. This growth has catalysed the rise of new food businesses in the town. New restaurants, cafes, food joints and eateries are opening up across numerous neighbourhoods of Jaipur. These newly opened restaurants cater to the needs of new customer bases with different food preferences. There are many popular pure vegetarian restaurants, vegan restaurants, cloud kitchens, fast food joints, juice centres, traditional and exotic restaurants and many more. These food businesses are keener on offering convenience to their customers. Therefore these restaurants and cafes partner with online food-ordering brands to provide home deliveries to their customers. On top of that, partnering with online food ordering brands helps them get more orders, expand their territory, increase brand awareness and earn more profits. This is one of the primary reasons behind the increased number of online food orders in Jaipur.  

3.Exposure to global cultures and cuisines 

Globalisation has brought the world closer than ever. Many people are using the internet and social media. They are getting acquainted with various global cultures. They are getting aware of various culinary delights and food cultures across the world. They want to try these new dishes they have only heard of before. And as many restaurants in Jaipur are offering these dishes, more and more people are ordering them online to enjoy them.  

The expanded view of various cultures has made people more open to new experiences. Therefore they want to try new dishes they haven’t eaten before. They want to know how they taste. Hence, exposure to global cultures and cuisines has increased online food delivery in Jaipur. 

 4. Rising disposable income 

Time changes everything. Since India’s independence, many things have changed over the years. As literacy rates rise, more people are getting educated and employed to earn a decent living. As many people are working and earning more, it has created more disposable income among the masses. Today, many people are not struggling for survival but to enjoy their life. Therefore they spend the dispensable income after paying off their basic needs on shopping and online food orders. The increasing disposable income has led to increased online food orders in Jaipur. 

 5.Introduction of new online food ordering brands  

Thanks to exponential internet usage among the masses and a thriving economy, many online food-ordering brands have been established in India over the last decade. These brands understand the needs and preferences of the masses and hence provide a curated and highly efficient online food ordering experience to the people. They offer various features and functionality that can help you quickly order your favourite food online within a few seconds, which was not possible a few years back.  

 Ordering food online in Jaipur has become easier than ever. You don’t have to call the restaurant for the order or step out of your home to get a food parcel. You can visit the website or apps of a reputed online food ordering brand like Swiggy. You can browse through various listed popular restaurants in Jaipur and choose the one that offers your desired dishes. You can go through their menus and sort the restaurant based on your location, budget and delivery time preference. This ease of ordering food online in Jaipur offered by food delivery brands has led to increased numbers of online food orders in Jaipur.   

5.It’s cheaper to buy food online. 

The local restaurants do not offer any discounts on their food. You have to pay for the entire bill, no matter the amount. But that isn’t the case with online food ordering. You can get plenty of assured discounts on your online food orders. You can also get various discounts the bank offers to use their credit or debit card. That is why people turn to online food orders, as they are cheaper and more convenient. 

 The internet has undoubtedly revolutionised the dining experience for people. Today you don’t have to step out of your home in the pollution and heavy traffic to dine at your favourite restaurant. You can order food online and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. No wonder why so many people are getting home deliveries in Jaipur. 

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