10 Reasons Of Pursuing Data Science As A Career In 2022

In today’s world, Data scientists are ruling every industry. Data scientist is one of the highly reputed and paid jobs of this decade. Many industries have grown tremendously in the last few years after implementing data science. But first, before understanding the reason to pursue data science as a career, you should understand what data science is all about.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is all about visualizing, analyzing, managing, and storing data to create an understanding and make decisions on the final data with the help of modern tools. Both data science has its roots in statistics, math, and computer science. Unstructured and structured data are both used in data science. 

Now, let us discuss the reason to pursue Data Science as a career;

1) Highly paid profession 

According to studies, a data scientist makes around $116,000 per annum and it is one among the highly paid jobs. This makes Data Science a highly money making career option. The salaries are likely to increase with experience and expertise. 

2) Huge Demand 

In today’s business world, the demand for a Data Scientist is sky-high. Every organization is looking for an individual who can understand and analyze the data and communicate the data to the superiors of an organization to make a better decision based on the data provided. Data Science is among the rapidly-growing jobs on Linkedin and is predicted to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026.

3) Easy to Grab a vacancy 

The need for Data Scientists is on the rise but the supply is low. The good thing for career seekers is that there is less competition in this field due to shortage of available data scientists. Companies are willing to hire Data scientists even if they don’t have much experience. As per reports, around 40% of Data scientists have less than 40% of the experience, and 70% have less than ten years of experience. This makes data science less saturated as compared with other corporate sectors. Therefore, the data science field provides lots of opportunities. There are many online certificate courses in Data Science to pursue or upgrade your skill.

4) Evolving Day by Day 

Data Science is evolving Day by Day and emerging with many new fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data. Data science involves many skills that lift data and information, which further helps companies make decisions. a data scientist will always get exciting opportunities to work and experiment with data to invent suitable solutions for the business.

5) Challenging work 

Data is not boring where you have to perform the same task again and again. Data science is a mixture of many disciplines, such as mathematics, statistics, and computer programming, learning skills every day. Because of this, you will have to face new tasks and challenges every day. 

6) Everything is based on data 

There is Data Science in government, business. Technology, accounting, healthcare, education, energy sector, science, etc. So to learn Data science is an essential skill that every person should have. Data Science will always be a value addition in one’s skill set. Being experienced in data science increases the chances of success in any business. A person with Data Science is always preferred first in every other field. Data science provides you opportunities to work in different industries, from marketing to healthcare to even in industries like consulting, retail, and CPG industries. 

7) Data scientists are highly prestigious

Many companies depend on data science experts to help them make better and profitable business decisions, which provides data scientists a highly reputed position in an organization.

8) Personal growth 

Data science not only provides you with a great career but also helps you in personal growth. You will create a problem-solving attitude. Data science develops a bridge between IT and management so that you will experience the best of both worlds.

9) High Future scope 

Businesses are becoming innovative and data-driven. Everything in this world has shifted to online, which helps create unimaginable amounts of data. Enterprises need a data scientist to collect and analyze all this data and assist them in making decisions and building better products. Data holds the power to create better products and personalize the customer experience. Learning about data science and upgrading your skill has become very easy. There exists many different courses which provide a data science professional certificate.

10) Data science makes a person and product both smarter 

Data science involves machine learning which has enabled industries to create unique products as customers’ choice. So during all this process, a data scientist develops and learns many skills. Based on their purchase history, products are developed and recommended to the customers. It helps data scientists to understand customers’ behavior and make decisions on the found data. 


Data science is ever-evolving and will stay in trend for the long run because it’s not only helping businesses to make better decisions but also helping them to find and work on new opportunities.  Data science allows industries to convert raw data into meaningful insights, ultimately growing business and recognizing market trends. Data science is also helping companies to know their target audience closely so that they can serve better. Needless to say, it is not easy to become a data scientist. They have to collect, cleanse and organize the data with their expert skills. Specialized data scientists are in rapid demand because of less supply. Pursuing Data science as a career in 2022 will require a lot of hard work commitment as it’s a technical field, but in the end, you will be getting even greater rewards.

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